We've got new stock! I love announcing new stock. Yes, we have uninque handmade charm bracelets in stock. A more affordable bracelet than our gemstones, these are the perfect statement bracelets.


Coming into summer we are bring out a new colour palatte and pushing into some some-what mystical colour-tones. Unicorns and Howlite will be a big inspiration for this year, with one of a kind pieces appearing in store. 2017 is going to be a postiive years with bright positive stones blinging up your summer look. Stack the bracelets to create your unique look.




Welcome to The Gatsby Store, Here we create inspired jewelry and accessories - hand made with happy thoughts - We are prided on quality and purity working with only top graded semi-precious gemstones. All our bracelets can be bespoke, just contact us for any sizing enquiries. 

With so many unique gemstone designs flowing through #TheGatsbyStore each month, you can choose a bestseller or find a real unique gem. We love to specialize on all areas of beaded jewelry; from festival wear to bridal. 



"In my early teens, gemstone energy bracelets started to trend. I think I had them in every colour and I was facsinated with the meanng and healing properties embodied in each precious stone. Now, an (early) thirty-something, I wished to buy back my teens.... but it was not as straight forward a I might have hoped. The bracelets were now hard to find.

So, I bought a few supplies and started making the bracelets I had in my teens, quickly becoming addicted, soon before long my house was filled with bracelets. Overwhelmed, I listed some bracelets on Etsy. That same day I earned my first sale, and we've been churning out braclets since."